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Is OfferPad and OpenDoor really the answer?

Rachel Tierney

Rachel Tierney has worked in real estate for over a decade, assisting in several hundreds of sales throughout Central Florida...

Rachel Tierney has worked in real estate for over a decade, assisting in several hundreds of sales throughout Central Florida...

Sep 3 3 minutes read

Having experienced TWO transactions with those companies who claim to "Get Your Home Sold Without The Hassle" isn't all the hype it's cracked up to be. The two transactions we experienced were far from easy to actually get our sellers to the closing table. Between these companies low balling their initial offer, jacking up "marketing fees" for the seller to pay, picking and choosing their title company who don't abide by deadlines and completing endless inspections to nit-pick and reduce their initial LOWBALL offer... is BEYOND the "convenient home sale" their motto claims.

We want our sellers and our local community aware that OfferPad and OpenDoor is NOT the answer to selling your home. While, I know you hear the radio commercials about a competitive cash offer and moving on your timeline - that is not the least bit true. 

We have a seller who received an offer from one of these companies nearly $10,000 lower than their under market list price and within their net sheet shows the seller paying an $18,000 marketing fee to OpenDoor. Can anyone explain to me why the seller owes a marketing fee to them? ... hm, nope. That is nearly $30,000 that the sellers would be losing out on if they went with this offer.

Having just closed two sellers with these companies we have proven track record again, they are not the answer to getting your home sold. Just a few days before our scheduled closing, the buyers chosen title company was totally unaware there was even a closing on the board. This ended up pushing our sellers, who were moving out of state, by THREE DAYS. This was not our only issue during this real estate process with them. On our other listing, we had back to back closings for our sellers for them to purchase. The title company would not even tentatively scheduled our closing (for us to schedule the buy side for our seller) until they received the lien search back, in which they were extremely late to order and received the day before our "closing". There are too many hands in the pot with this company, one person says one thing and another person says something different. It's just all over the board with getting the accurate answers.

We by no means want to bash another company, but the truth needs to be spoken. OFFERPAD AND OPENDOOR ARE NOT YOUR ANSWERS TO SELLING YOUR HOME. Give us the chance to sell your home and we'll get the most money in the shortest amount of time, TRUTHFULLY without the hassle. We're working for you to protect you and keep you happy.

.... And apparently Inman agrees.

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