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HAPPY BUYERS: Meet The Hicks Family

Back in 2015, The Hicks Family called Angela off a sign on Hunt Club. The family wanted to see the property THAT day and Angela came to the rescue. Unfortunately, that property wasn't the one for them but they held tight for two whole years to find the "one" and did so approximately 25 houses later.

Meet Chris and Heather, an engaged couple, have been renting out a family property the last few years with Heather's adorable three children. While they appreciated the help from Chris' parents on their rental, they were determined to find the right house, at the right price, with the RIGHT schools for the kids. Heather grew up in Wekiva area and she knew she wanted her children to grow up there also.

These buyers started in one price point early in their home search and as the months went by they realized to get the size home they truly wanted in the right schools may require a higher priced home. They worked hard, saved money and by the time they did buy they had increased their price point from $225,000 to $325,000.

This is the part us Realtors love about our job. When Angela showed Chris and Heather and the kids this home on a canal, they all stood in the backyard looking at the wildlife, birds and gators, the kids were memorized and not afraid at all. Welcome to Wekiva living! Offer written and accepted and the family ecstatic! This house was big enough for each of the kids to get their own room, which everyone was looking forward too.

Angela then put their rental on the market and after 3 days and multiple offers, they were under contract and ready to begin the moving process.

We are all so excited for this family to officially become one, Chris is adopting all three kids later this summer and marrying Heather in the fall. We wish you many years of happiness in your new home.

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