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HAPPY BUYERS: Meet Angela & David

Rachel Tierney

Rachel Tierney has worked in real estate for over a decade, assisting in several hundreds of sales throughout Central Florida...

Rachel Tierney has worked in real estate for over a decade, assisting in several hundreds of sales throughout Central Florida...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

It's funny how things work out in the end, am I right? This is their story..

Meet Angela and David, a newlywed couple, jumping into their (Angela's) first home purchase and what a big purchase it was. We all know how daunting it can be to make such a big step, but not with the right real estate team by your side. 😉 

Angela and David had been researching active listings on the common popular real estate websites. After hitting an open house or two, with no agent, and finding what they thought was a perfect home, they wrote an offer with THAT list agent and the seller countered. Not believing the list agent had the best interest in it for them, they decided to "fire" their existing relationship with that agent. This is where I (Rachel, here! 😊) come in play. 

... back story. I had recently met Heather, who told me the story of her friends (Angela and David) and their battle with the counter offer and current agent they had been working with. I gave my new friend my business card and Angela contacted me immediately. 

So, I jumped in to try and get Angela and David the existing home they offered on. I showed them the property again, we wrote up the offer and it was denied. My poor first time home buyer was devastated and super upset with the way everything was handled with the other agent. None the less, I set them up on a home search reflecting their needs and wants in the perfect home. We met a few times showed a handful (or two) homes and then Angela stumbled upon "the one" in her email one day. We set up a showing and went to visit the property (Angela actually went a day earlier to the Open House). 

There was another offer on table and LUCKILY with the home fairy (and our AWESOME negotiation skills) on Angela and David's side, the seller signed our offer! 👏

Escrow, Inspections, a few more negotiations after inspections, and then the appraisal took place. THE APPRAISAL! Either our best friend or our worst enemy. In this case, it was our worst enemy. The appraisal came in $22,000 LOWER THAN OUR CONTRACT PRICE. 😵😵 After a few deep breaths and consoling dear Angela and David, the sellers and their agent (they were great to work with!) came to an agreement to lower the price. SAY WHAT? Yep, we did it. We knocked off $22,000 OFF THE PURCHASE PRICE for my buyers.

Binding insurance, scheduling the walk through and closing date took place and then.. boom we closed. 🏡🔑 

I am so blessed to have gotten this referral! I thank my new friend Heather for that. :) I loved working with this couple and not only had another successful closing but made friends throughout the process.


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