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2015: A Year in Review of the Market in Wekiva, Florida

Todd Schroth

Todd Schroth, licensed Florida Real Estate Agent, has been investing in homes since 1995, as well as selling and listing throughout the Central Florid...

Todd Schroth, licensed Florida Real Estate Agent, has been investing in homes since 1995, as well as selling and listing throughout the Central Florid...

Feb 8 8 minutes read

2015: A Year in Review of the Market in Wekiva, Florida

121 Single Family Homes Sold in 2015

548 WEKIVA COVE RD$375,000$360,00032.1WEKIVA COVE96.00%
121 HARROGATE PL$359,000$350,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES97.49%
242 N CASTLEFORD CT$328,000$324,00042WEKIVA HILLS98.78%
223 DUNCAN TRL$315,000$315,00043WEKIVA HILLS100.00%
291 NEEDLES TRL$314,000$310,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES98.73%
123 INGRAM CIR$324,900$310,00043WEKIVA HUNT CLUB95.41%
221 LITTLEHAMPTON CLOSE$303,000$303,00042WEKIVA COVE100.00%
461 WEKIVA COVE RD$299,000$299,00042WEKIVA COVE100.00%
251 S MOUNTS BAY CT$305,000$295,00043WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES96.72%
300 CAMBRIDGE DR$299,000$292,50042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES97.83%
132 HARROGATE PL$295,000$290,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES98.31%
160 HARROGATE PL$299,000$287,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES95.99%
287 BENTLEY DR$289,900$286,00032WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES98.65%
210 ATHERSTONE CT$280,000$283,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB101.07%
256 CAMBRIDGE DR$294,000$280,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB95.24%
249 NEEDLES TRL$289,900$280,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES96.59%
113 COBLE CT$279,000$279,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES100.00%
348 NEEDLES CT$285,000$278,50032WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES97.72%
293 CAMBRIDGE DR$279,000$274,51042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES98.39%
120 E CUMBERLAND CIR$279,900$274,00032.1WEKIVA HUNT CLUB97.89%
200 COBLE DR$279,900$274,00032WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES97.89%
298 NEEDLES TRL$269,000$273,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES101.49%
247 CHURCHILL DR$284,000$272,00042WEKIVA GREEN95.77%
217 LITTLEHAMPTON CLOSE$274,900$267,00032WEKIVA COVE97.13%
204 STEVENAGE DR$275,000$267,00032WEKIVA HILLS97.09%
350 NEEDLES TRL$279,000$265,00042WEKIVA CLUB ESTATES94.98%
201 REGIS CT$259,500$264,00042WEKIVA HILLS101.73%
200 CHICHESTER CV$250,000$262,00042WEKIVA COVE104.80%
378 WEKIVA COVE RD$275,000$260,90032WEKIVA COVE94.87%
105 PYTCHLEY CT$259,900$259,90042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
208 JONESBURY CT$259,000$259,00042WEKIVA HILLS100.00%
233 DUNCAN TRL$268,500$259,00042WEKIVA HILLS96.46%
127 E BERKSHIRE CIR$257,500$257,50042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
374 NEW WATERFORD PL$270,000$255,00032WEKIVA COVE94.44%
104 E COTTESMORE CIR$255,000$255,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
1951 LOST PINE LN$259,950$255,00022BENT OAK98.10%
532 WEKIVA COVE RD$254,000$254,00032.1WEKIVA COVE100.00%
110 HABERSHAM DR$269,900$254,00042WEKIVA HILLS94.11%
353 WEKIVA COVE RD$255,000$253,00032WEKIVA COVE99.22%
115 COLYER DR$253,000$253,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
420 KNOLL TREE LN$244,900$252,25032BENT OAK103.00%
509 BURNT TREE LN$249,000$251,00032BENT OAK100.80%
210 DUNCAN TRL$256,900$251,00032WEKIVA HILLS97.70%
231 CANTERCLUB TRL$230,000$250,00042WEKIVA HILLS108.70%
472 WHISPERING OAK LN$255,000$250,00033BENT OAK98.04%
361 WEKIVA COVE RD$249,900$249,90032WEKIVA COVE100.00%
279 NEW WATERFORD PL$249,900$249,90032.1WEKIVA COVE100.00%
104 E WYNDHAM CT$249,900$247,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB98.84%
203 WAYMOUTH HARBOR CV$250,000$246,32542.2WEKIVA COVE98.53%
564 WEKIVA COVE RD$249,000$245,00032WEKIVA COVE98.39%
298 S FOX CHASE PT$249,000$245,00042.1HUNTERS GLEN98.39%
436 KNOLL TREE LN$244,900$242,50042BENT OAK99.02%
221 W CUMBERLAND CIR$239,900$240,90032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.42%
107 STAG RIDGE CT$235,000$240,00032.1HUNTERS POINT102.13%
441 WHISPERING OAK LN$244,900$240,00032.1BENT OAK98.00%
116 E CUMBERLAND CIR$239,900$239,90042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
348 HAVERLAKE CIR$239,900$239,90032WEKIVA100.00%
2141 BENT OAK DR$235,000$238,00042BENT OAK101.28%
401 WEKIVA COVE RD$250,000$236,00032WEKIVA COVE94.40%
213 FRINTON CV$239,000$235,00032WEKIVA COVE98.33%
280 QUEENSBERRY CT$235,000$235,00032WEKIVA HILLS100.00%
300 HAVERLAKE CIR$239,900$235,00042WEKIVA97.96%
256 NEW WATERFORD PL$234,900$234,90032WEKIVA COVE100.00%
391 RADEBAUGH CT$239,900$232,00032WEKIVA HILLS96.71%
330 WEKIVA COVE RD$254,900$230,00032WEKIVA COVE90.23%
230 STEVENAGE DR$235,000$230,00042WEKIVA HILLS97.87%
110 E WYNDHAM CT$239,000$227,50032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB95.19%
210 PEMBROOK PL$235,000$226,00032WEKIVA HILLS96.17%
536 WEKIVA COVE RD$239,000$225,00032WEKIVA COVE94.14%
129 E CUMBERLAND CIR$220,000$225,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB102.27%
236 CAMBRIDGE DR$239,900$225,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB93.79%
275 CHURCHILL DR$234,900$225,00032WEKIVA GREEN95.79%
120 W WYNDHAM CT$224,900$224,90033WEKIVA GOLF VILLAS100.00%
109 TRAFALGAR PL$222,500$222,00032WEKIVA COVE99.78%
2648 CANTERCLUB TRL$224,900$220,00042WEKIVA97.82%
416 HAVERLAKE CIR$217,900$217,90042WEKIVA 100.00%
317 RADEBAUGH DR$210,000$217,00032WEKIVA HILLS103.33%
106 LEDBURY DR$215,000
105 LUDLOW DR$215,000$215,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
272 TORPOINT GATE RD$223,000$215,00042WEKIVA COVE96.41%
360 HAVERLAKE CIR$210,000$213,42532WEKIVA101.63%
110 W YORK CT$217,700$213,00032.1WEKIVA GOLF VILLAS97.41%
129 E COTTESMORE CIR$225,000$213,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB94.67%
106 OAKLEY CT$217,900$212,90032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB97.71%
107 LEDBURY DR$220,000$212,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB96.36%
156 ESSEX DR$214,900$211,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB98.19%
162 DARTMOUTH LN$217,500$210,00032WEKIVA COVE96.55%
352 HAVERLAKE CIR$223,900$210,00032WEKIVA93.79%
569 BURNT TREE LN$215,000$210,00042BENT OAK97.67%
108 BILSDALE CT$209,900$209,90032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
105 W WYNDHAM CT$208,800$208,00032.1WEKIVA GOLF VILLAS99.62%
207 JONESBURY CT$205,000$207,00032WEKIVA HILLS100.98%
433 HAVERLAKE CIR$215,000$207,00042WEKIVA96.28%
155 HOLDERNESS DR$206,000$206,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
111 PYTCHLEY CT$205,000$205,00042WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
309 N FOX CHASE PT$195,000$204,00032.1HUNTERS GLEN104.62%
114 ALBRIGHTON DR$200,000$201,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.50%
224 STEVENAGE DR$205,000$200,40032.1WEKIVA HILLS97.76%
205 LITTLEHAMPTON CLOSE$229,000$200,00042.1WEKIVA COVE87.34%
2618 BRECCA CT$195,000$195,00032WEKIVA 100.00%
124 CAMBRIDGE DR$205,000$195,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB95.12%
2631 CANTERCLUB TRL$195,000$195,00032WEKIVA100.00%
204 STEVENAGE DR$225,000$195,00032WEKIVA HILLS86.67%
2434 CANTERCLUB TRL$190,000$192,50032WEKIVA101.32%
117 COLYER DR$193,000$192,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB99.48%
613 HEATHER BRITE CIR$200,000$190,00032WEKIVA 95.00%
568 HEATHER BRITE CIR$189,900$189,90032WEKIVA 100.00%
580 HEATHER BRITE CIR$189,900$189,90032WEKIVA 100.00%
313 PICKERING CT$215,000$189,00032.1WEKIVA HILLS87.91%
515 HEATHER BRITE CIR$198,900$188,00032WEKIVA 94.52%
2720 GLENNEDWIN CT$185,000$185,10032WEKIVA100.05%
109 LEDBURY DR$185,000$185,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
103 LYNDHURST DR$195,000$185,00032WEKIVA HILLS94.84%
214 STEVENAGE DR$199,900$185,00042.1WEKIVA HILLS92.55%
2603 TAMERA CT$189,990183,00032WEKIVA 96.32%
127 INGRAM CIR$179,900$179,90032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
2536 CANTERCLUB TRL$175,000$175,00032WEKIVA100.00%
100 ESSEX DR$175,000$175,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB100.00%
108 DEVON CT$175,000$169,50032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB96.86%
111 BILSDALE CT$181,900$168,00032WEKIVA HUNT CLUB92.36%
341 PICKERING CT$149,777$91,00042WEKIVA HILLS60.76%

Highest Priced Sale: $360,000 | Lowest Priced Sale: $91,000

Average Sales Price: $220,354 | Median Priced Sale: $224,900

*Information obtained from the Multiple Listing Service from January 1, 2015 though December 31,2015 and does not include bank owned properties or short sales during 2015.

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