We generally volunteer as a stationed Drop Off location for Baby DJ and donate gifts to the warehouse, but this year we decided to shake things up

Our Team adopted a sweet sweet family this year and we're blessed to be able to help them have a wonderful Christmas.

Angie Schroth and Angela McCurdy, from our team, went down to the Baby DJ warehouse last week and read handfuls of letters that broke their hearts. SO many families are in need of help and just not enough hands to give. We decided to pick a great family that moved here from down South to get out of a very hard time. Our sweet family is a mother of three darling children ages 8, 6 and 1.5.

We have begun our shopping for the family and plan to deliver gifts to the next week for the mother to wrap and put under their Christmas tree, donated so generously from the McCurdy Family. The mother has sent numerous texts and photos to Angela to show their appreciation thus far, starting with their beautiful decorated tree.

If you are willing and able to give back this Christmas, please consider donating to our adopted family. Their Christmas Wish List is below. Please send a personal email to myself ([email protected]so we can cross items off their list as we get donations.

We appreciation your generosity and understand considerably if you are unable to donate at this time. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.